Monday, 28 February 2011

learning all the time

Well, that's the second thing that I went to last week which I really didn't want to go to and it turned out to be a triumph.

Holiday on Ice - I went to a similar thing about 20 years ago, and it was good - but I have never felt the desire to go again, and when Mark gave me and Oliver tickets for the February 'Energia' show at Westpoint, for Christmas, although an extremely thoughtful gift - my heart sank.

Now, it may well be that the last time I went, I was in the throes of a very dull first marriage and months away from separation and so my emotional responses to anything at that time probaby weren't terribly reliable, but I squared my shoulders, put my head down and summoned up enough enthusiasm to get us in the car and out to Wespoint on Saturday night. And shame on me - it was a bloody fabulous show - Oliver's excitement was reward enough and a joy to share, but the skating, costumes and wow factor were just brilliant. I am definitely going to go next year and boy, I have learnt a few lessons over this one.

I took some crap photos which I will share with you, and I got a right old telling off half time for using my camera. Feel a bit aggrieved to have to take a bollocking for such crap results.

Before the show started:

and no, despite all evidence to the contrary, we were not high on drugs.

Last week was half term, and saw Oliver going off with the holiday playscheme to Plymouth Aquarium. I've never been, but he said it was brilliant, and had a great time. They did some activities there, one of them was making 'goo', and so taken with this idea, Oliver took the trouble to ask the man how to make it, and then spent a considerable amount of time using up all my cornflour at home.
Feeling very content to see his enthusiasm for creating/finding out in action.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

wet, cold, miserable.....

that's how the day looked like it was going to pan out to me this morning. And, weather wise - it was. However, in terms of unexpected enjoyment - the day was a big 'free' success.

Diggerland Devon. Has never appealed to me - how could it. It has the word 'digger' in its name. Yawn. Diggers don't do it for me. Maybe it's because I am a girl (yes, I am), or maybe because diggers are just bloody DULL and are just functional machinery, I dunno - but, for 8 year old boys - this place is Valhalla - the epitome of joy and power in their little worlds. Even though it was wet, and cold, and I froze my tits off for nearly three hours - it was worth it - because Oliver and his friend enjoyed it so much. I actually had Tesco Clubcard vouchers so it was technically free - the normal admission price is £17!!!!!! But even I must admit, I would consider coughing up for this. (Although it would piss me off to have to cough up £17 for me to get in too....)

Oliver was able to drive most things - tractors and diggers, and I guess that feeling of control for a kid must be fantastic.

Have now just about thawed out, and looking forward to a hot bath as highlight of the day.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I've had enough

I feel restless, fed up - on the verge of a big change.....

Fellow bloggers may have noticed that I have stopped following your blog.....please don't be offended, I was just getting overwhelmed with blog updates, but I still have them on my internet favourites, and will be dropping by from time to time....

One blog I have followed for a long time is Let Her Bake Cake, by Hilary, a canadian girl transplanted to London. Now I love this blog - it is my mostest favouritest blog of all. I found it one day by link from Shimelle (well known to you scrapper gals) and I love the tone she sets, and I love her love of baking. Do drop by, because she seems like a nice chick (she nearly always comments on the comments you leave) and quite often she has a damn fine recipe featured there. To this end, I have been having a go at the Ottolenghi brownie recipe she featured fairly recently, and this is the brownie stack I made for Dad's 65th birthday:

They are, very good brownies. Although the general concensus of opinion is that half of one at a time is enough. There are four 100g bars of choc in the recipe (makes 9 biggies). I chop up one bar as an 'addition' and boy, it's rich.

On Thursday Oliver and I trollied off to Plymouth to see the Horrible Histories show, Awful Egyptians. It was really very, very good. We both love HH - it is just the bees knees, the mutts nuts, the top banana of kids entertainment masquerading as education. Here we are with our boggle goggles on. The second half of the show used a 3D screen, and it was brilliant. I screamed like a girl, along with the other hundreds of real (under age 12) girls in attendance.

Mark, Oliver and I went to the cinema this morning and saw Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. It was great, although my eyes leaked tears (really - not crying, just welling up and spilling out) throughout the last 10 minutes when the children were leaving Narnia, and Reepicheep (sp?) was heading off to Aslan's world. I fear I am becoming (more) mentally unhinged. Have had a headache since.

Gotta sign off - nearly time to dish up our Saturday night roastie - I thought we were having pork, but when the meat was defrosted and ready to go in the oven, it looked suspiciously like lamb. I hope it is lamb, because I have chucked in a load of rosemary with it.

Monday, 14 February 2011

it's a new day, it's a new dawn, and I'm feeling

extraordinarily tired, actually.

Went to Haytor on Saturday as the sun was shining. Again I found myself cursing that the English weather had conned us in to thinking it would be a lovely little trip out. It was bloody freezing up there, although very pretty.

Oliver (well, Mark paid for obviously) bought me these flowers at Trago:

Mark and I had a heated couple of sentences, not even a squabble, really, over a new spelling initiative he started with Oliver last week. Think in truth, I spoke out of turn and thoughtlessly, and he massively over-reacted. Hence forth, no spellings have been done, and we both feel shitty. Sigh. Why is life so tricky. No answers on a postcard please, it's a rhetorical.

We have finally worked our way through volume one of the Story of the World history book, which has been fantastic, and kindled an interest in history for Oliver, and fuelled my passion for the past. Will be trying to get hold of volume two soon. Another piece of Egyptian history was added to the timeline last week, and this week we are off to Plymouth to see the Horrible Histories on tour show: Awful Egyptians. Both looking forward to that.

Well, better get going. Really I am just delaying the inevitable washing up, wrapping up of ebay parcels, preparing a veg casserole, avoiding strangling the dog and then getting bullied by the Biggest Loser Kinect game. etc etc etc. Now, do I insist on getting cracking on some home-ed worky stuff, or do I leave Oliver whilst he is quiet and playing an energetic Kinect game of football? Find this the constant dilemma of home-edding.

To do, or not to do, that is the question. No, no answers needed for this either.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

so THAT'S where all the toilet roll goes

Oliver and Kinect boxing. Sigh. All very comendable in the initiative deparment until one needs a big poo and there's no loo roll around because he is being Rocky Balboa in the living room.

My entry for the fire colours journal:

This is the last one in the circle of ten, tomorrow I am due to receive my journal back, so will show that off later in the week.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

today's table

looks like this:

Disclaimer: the hair straighteners and wine glass are nothing to do with home education in any way, shape or form.

In fact the meagre amount of lovely cold white wine I just quaffed was to compensate me for the sweaty and shaky half hour I've just spent at the Doctors having a mole surgically removed. Oliver cried (real tears) at lunchtime when he realised he had to accompany me to this 'procedure' and then once in the Docs surgery promptly went from sitting in the corner with his ipod and headphones on and eyes shut to pulling up a chair to the end of the bed and telling me gleefully that there was 'blood dripping from the injection'. What a ghoul.

On the table today we have maths (Saxon 54) and Sudoku. The maths is going extremely well, and it is something I enjoy with him, because he gets it and likes it. The sudoku is a new thing, prompted today by an email from the lovely Louise re Activity Village. He gets it and is enjoying it. It works on logic, and needless to say, me and logic are not best mates. In fact we are not even on nodding terms. Glad to see that the boy does not take after me in many aspects of life....

Also in the pic is Oliver's new notebook for spanish sessions at the hut - I didn't even realise that everybody else took a notebook - so my poor little lad has been drawing on loose bits of paper like a pauper! tsk tsk. So today we went and bought a lovely new pad and some pens - it was great, reminded me of the first day of term at school with lots of delicious new stationery.

And finally....

This is Ladram bay on Sunday. Lovely, one might think. But - no. In this pic you should just be able to make out my dog, buggering off up the beach back towards the car. Mark (unseen in the pic) is strolling off in the opposite direction, patently ignoring the impending screaming at the dog to return. Also note the evil glowers coming from the hiking fraternity on the far right. (no dogs on the beach apparently, which we decided to ignore....) Clearly Harvey is a better reader than us because he left the beach of his own accord pretty sharpish like .....

Friday, 28 January 2011

junk journalling

Welcome to my 'new' thang. Junk journalling, as far as I can gather, is pretty much just bunging anything you want to into a book which you think looks good, and lots of paint. To this end, here is the beginning of mine - an altered book. I won't 'do' the cover until much later, but at the moment I am finding gentle satisfaction in slapping paint about.

Here is a 'naked' page;

The 'nude' front cover;

a few 'ready-for-entries' pages;

a couple of completed pages;

Tres enjoyable. Also picked up my cross stitch again, pic to follow of progress made with that.

Home edding update to come.....